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Writing for me (us), myself (we), and I (them)

Consider your audience – one of the rules of writing I teach my students every semester, and it’s not one to learn and ignore when I get home from class and return to fiction. My latest completed novel (as yet … Continue reading

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Platform overreach?

Even if the dire Facebook predictions are correct and only 10% of my followers see my feed, that’s about standard for any mass-distribution effort. If each of my outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, G+, an Amazon author page, LinkedIn, my blog) … Continue reading

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Writing and the Devil’s Cup

When it comes to beverage choice of the literati, the romantic image that comes to my mind is a smoky Parisian bar or Hemingway’s beachfront dive and hard liquor. I would have bet that coffeehouses were a relatively new addition … Continue reading

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on not being interested in Pinterest

As I struggle with beginning a new year, new school semester, new page in a beleaguered website/blog – sans the much-needed downtime I promised myself over the break – I found this gem, with a h/t to my mentor and … Continue reading

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