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Reach out and touch…with permission

Under the hashtag #1000Speak, one thousand-plus writers will publish their thoughts on compassion today. The Facebook group 1000 Voices for Compassion has brought them together after Yvonne Spence put out a call: How cool would it be if we could … Continue reading

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Flooding the Internet with compassion

On Friday, February 20, a remarkable series of blogs will be posted worldwide detailing the topic of compassion: what it means, how it plays out – or doesn’t – in today’s society, its benefits, and the dangers of its lack. … Continue reading

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Regrets, I’ve had (more than) a few

There’s something about the death of a family member, even those only-at-holidays/weddings/funerals connections, that stirs up a wealth of regrets: for not making more an effort to stay close, for neglecting that last birthday card, for having to look up … Continue reading

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The longest shortest month of the year

February. Bleh. I should be doing my own (always restrained) version of a happy dance this week: FORTY & OUT is in audition stages for an audio book. I topped 75K on the follow-up story for Jadz and friends, and … Continue reading

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