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Marrying Walter Cronkite

Originally posted on The Sundial Review:
For years, I wanted to marry Walter Cronkite. Despite the age difference. Every night, after dinner, after the pots and pans were settled on shelves and my brother sat gurgling in his playpen, my…

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Our local literary community – sharing and strong!

In preparation for the continued launch of his The Psalms of Israel Jones, Yellow Springs author Ed Davis shares part of his journey (with far too many kind words for me <blush>). Welcome, Ed! Returning to the Scene… No doubt, … Continue reading

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Peace, Art, and Daily Life in Yellow Springs, Ohio

In response to the HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge! posted by blogger OpinionatedMan on March 2, I simply had to share the world that is Yellow Springs, Ohio. This bumper sticker says it all: Yet Yellow Springs is so much more than … Continue reading

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True words may be unpopular – and politically incorrect

The February 28th blog post by the always-insightful Anne R. Allen knocked me over. So, so many good points in her wide-ranging take on Internet censorship (and the too-often resulting self-censorship), misplaced political correctness, trolls, crowdsourcing, the Dunning-Kruger Effect (worth … Continue reading

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