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#TBT – A journey of a thousand miles…in one year

Today I’m taking stock of the year since FORTY & OUT was released at the fantastic Killer Nashville conference: exhilaration, terror, comfort zones stretched beyond recognition, lessons learned. And where do I go from here? My head hasn’t stopped spinning … Continue reading

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Two truths and a lie don’t cut it

As we stumble into the 2016 Presidential campaign (heaven help us all!), headlines have become even more cringe-worthy as “facts” are misstated, taken out of context, distorted, and outright ignored (or even better: invented). Politicians shine when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Blurring of Fact

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
Tom Montgomery Fate offers a thoughtful and enlightening look at the misuse of the term creative nonfiction in light of Rachel Dolezal’s recent use of the term. Here’s an excerpt, followed by a link…

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Get carried away with your writing…

All the way to Maria Stein, Ohio! The Antioch Writers’ Workshop 2015 Fall Retreat is set for October 30-November 1, and applications are being accepted now through September 12. Participants will stay in a private dorm-style room with a private bathroom, … Continue reading

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Random acts…and the ripple effect

Last week was intense: full-time grandma duty with our 20-month-old grandson sans parents, and largely sans Hubby who was immersed in teaching a new version of a security class, which meant prep time every evening after a full day of … Continue reading

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