A line has been crossed

Today the ugliness that has been festering in the United States went from ideological to reality for me. Now it’s personal. Thatresist doesn’t mean I haven’t been outraged before this, that I haven’t taken all the upheaval seriously and been sick at heart, but now….

For several years I’ve been involved in modest protest (emails, phone calls, petitions, social media posts), and more frequently since the November election, speaking up for those who are being marginalized in alarming numbers:

  • Gay and lesbian family and friends who are told they don’t have the right to marry, to live where they chose, to hold down jobs, to be with each other in sickness and in health
  • The Native Americans who fight against the environmental horrors occurring at Standing Rock
  • Individuals who face economic ruin, illness, and yes, death, with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act
  • The senseless shootings and mass murders plaguing our schools and our churches/mosques and our neighborhoods
  • The harassment and vandalism and terror inflicted on religious minorities

On January 21st, Hubby and I joined the Women’s March in downtown Dayton, Ohio, in support of so many others:

  • Women who depend on Planned Parenthood for gynecology visits and reproductive care
  • LGBTQIA individuals whose rights are threatened on so many fronts
  • Immigrants from Mexico and parts south who are demonized and now are to be walled out of our country
  • Muslims who are blamed for all the evils in the shadowy, ill-defined War on Terror

On January 29th, Hubby and I returned to downtown Dayton to protest the Muslim ban enacted by the latest (at that time) Executive Order from the White House.

On January 30th, I mourned with many online for the terror attack by a white male Christian (?!) at a mosque in Quebec City, Ontario, where six people were killed.

Today, January 31st, all the others we’ve been standing for, fighting for, protesting for, mourning for, became us. Became family. Became real.

Along with 16 other Jewish Community Centers in multiple states across the country, the Sylvania (Ohio) YWCA/JCC was evacuated today because of bomb threats – the third time in the past month that a spate of such threats have targeted these types of institutions.

Today that number included my 3-year-old grandson’s preschool.

Today, the hate promulgated and encouraged and modeled by our new president became real.

It’s not ideology any longer. It’s not social justice outrage. It’s personal.

If you voted for DT, for this man who fosters hate and violence, this man who disdains any life other than of those who look like him – white, male, professed Christians, preferably wealthy beyond comprehension – and you’re not outraged, you’re not speaking out, you’re not taking a stand and holding him accountable, then you’re enabling the hate. You’re defending the violence. You’re contributing to the chaos that is destroying our government.

And stopping the actions, or inactions, of you and your ilk – friend, family, neighbor, or stranger – has become my life’s mission.

12 responses to “A line has been crossed”

  1. Many are with you in this time of awkward disassembly and fascist counterterrorism. Unfortunately, the bigger damage to the planet is wreaking even more chaos. Remember to continue to model the peaceful balance we seek, and sometimes peace requires shouts and sometimes raised fists of rage. In any case, those who seek peace need solidarity of vision through the haze, glass, and shattered mirrors.


    1. Thank you for the reminder, Joe. I miss your wisdom!


  2. Standing with you, Cyndi, in resistance.


  3. Stanley Klaniecki Avatar
    Stanley Klaniecki

    I believe our country will prevail w/o hate one another
    And his day will come !!


    1. We can only hope. Thanks!


  4. I’m right there with you 100% Cyndi. I think most (certainly not all) Americans have lived more or less comfortably for some decades now–by that, I mean most of us have not faced a direct threat to our way of life or felt our democracy was at extreme risk of perishing outright. And we have assumed, perhaps, that we were somehow “untouchable.” Well, as history shows, the toppling of a democracy can happen anytime, anywhere. I hope our fortune in this unfortunate time is that we have as ugly and brutal an example of a democracy-turned-fascist as one could wish in Hitler’s rise to power. I am hoping this will move millions of us to take action save our country, our people, our Constitution, and our planet. In solidarity.


    1. Well stated – thank you.


  5. I second the “well-stated” and raise it an “OhmygodI’msogladyourgrandbabywasokay”.


    1. Thank you – so am I!


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