Supporting casts matter – on the page, on screen, and in life

This week’s cast of characters started as “extras” on the page – several of them unexpected – but they each played an important role in making my stories more than a standard whodunitandhow. They give the murders a context, and a humanity, that is oft times lacking in the genre.

NATHAN FILLIONAh, the ex who won’t let go…a romance trope I was determined to upend after it showed up unexpectedly in Forty & Out (what? I’m a pantser!). I walked a fine line to keep Jadz’s almost-ex-husband Nathan (Nate) around without turning him into a creepy stalker. And it’s a good thing I did, because (spoiler, just a little!) he showed up again in Burned Bridges, rehabilitated, and with a much larger role. The joys of pantsing! I picture Nate as his namesake, Nathan Fillion. Nice of him to take a role in uniform (The Rookie) after Malcolm (Firefly) and Rick Castle (Castle) so he fits the part. 😉

Theo - Chris HemsworthAnd then there’s the co-worker crush and all its attendant complications. If I had it to do over again, Jadz would have kept Theo firmly in the friend zone in Forty & Out. Alas, I wasn’t confident enough in my own instincts to totally shun expectations after dealing with Nate. Theo’s a nice guy and all – with the looks of Chris Hemsworth! – but somewhere between that first book and Burned Bridges, I fell hard for Bechdel. Thankfully, my novels are the better for it.

One of the best parts of not being a plotter is the interesting characters I could neverLily Tomlin - Catherine imagine who show up on the page. I’m afraid that would never happen with an outline; I’d be too constrained by the plotted points/people. Catherine is one of the pleasant surprises – she literally ambushed Jadz at the door to the police station one afternoon, surprising us both. Catherine brings a street person’s sensibility and quirkiness to show a different side of Jadz, all while helping to solve a murder. Imagine Lily Tomlin at her buzzed Frankie-hippy best.

Lori's MCAnother one of those special, unexpected characters in Forty & Out is Samantha Gilbert, an airport baggage handler. A peripheral extra, but Sam plays an important role in helping flesh out a side plot. And I like her frankness.

I never told my long-time writing partner Lori Fetters Lopez that Sam’s physical attributes – and attitude! – were modeled after her. I hope she knew.

Lori was an important part of my personal supporting cast, and after losing her much to soon almost a year ago now, I still miss her terribly. I don’t know that anyone will ever fill the void. I hope you have someone as special in your life – and in your novels.

4 responses to “Supporting casts matter – on the page, on screen, and in life”

  1. I really like these castings! And I’m a pantser too…;)


  2. I love how you describe pantsing in terms of your Characters showing up!


    1. And I love how they surprise me. 😉



  3. […] after previously sharing my selection of to represent my characters in Forty & Out (here and here), I present the additional cast members for the second in my Jadz series: Burned Bridges (insert […]


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