I’ve been inching towards this realization about the lopsided energy I put into social media “activism” versus my writing. Many thanks to @joey_franklin for giving me a push!


A timely quote from Montaigne to consider while I finish editing Jadz #3 and retool my blog (and my life) for 2021 to focus more on writing and less on social media arguments:

“We only learn to dispute that we may contradict; and so . . . it falls out that the fruit of disputation is to lose and annihilate truth.”

Namaste ~

Murder reignites dormant passions between Toledo Homicide Detective Veronica Jadzinski (Jadz) and her ex-husband, retired-cop-turned-PI Nate Solomon – not all of them good. He’s pushing to re-open the shooting of his boyhood friend, a case that Jadz and her partner wrote off as a drug deal gone bad.

Burned Bridges cover - web smEmotions and egos collide as Nate and Jadz clash over who to believe: the victim’s grieving mother, his estranged sister with secrets of her own, or the demanding lieutenant who warns Jadz off the case for questionable reasons. The struggle pits them against a turbulent history neither of them is sure they want to explore as they uncover heartbreaking alliances and uncomfortable truths. 

Jadz 1 (Forty & Out) & 2 (Burned Bridges) are available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, and of course, Crossroad Press