Welcome to my world of words, etc.

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Lots of things “under construction” in my life these days:

  • Finding/creating the much-vaunted “new normal” after Covid lockdown that includes reasonable precautions while still allowing social gatherings
  • Learning not to pick up the phone to ask questions of my in-laws (lost Dad in November, Mom in April) or our brother-from-another-mother best friend (lost Jim in February), or to gather the lead and poo bag for our beagle’s after-dinner walk (lost Indy in May)
  • This website – duh!
  • And the writing…under construction from the ground up as I search for motivation, energy, topics, plots…

What have I managed to accomplish, writing wise? With the release of Unwelcome Ties as an ebook from Crossroad Press (their site is under construction/renovation too!) in March, my Toledo Trilogy is complete.  I’ve been waiting for the print copy to be available before starting a marketing push (at least that’s what I tell myself).

What I’ve done so far, thanks to the amazing and gracious Jess Montgomery, is a video interview that is also now a podcast! Check it out here: Tea w/Jess video

And while I get things figured out, Jadz is still waiting for you on the usual platforms:

Come along for the journey!