Words on the page (or screen) – it’s what I do:


  • Unwelcome Ties. Crossroad Press, 2022
  • Burned Bridges. Crossroad Press, 2017
  • Forty & Out. Deadly Writes Publishing, 2014, reissued by Crossroad Press, 2017

Short stories

  • “A Woman’s Place.” NATSO Trucker’s News. December 1989. (24-25) and Tradeswomen. December 1993. (14-18).
  • “Diesel Fuel and the Golden Rule.” The Family: A Catholic Perspective. June 1993. (34-38).
  • “Finally, Peace.” The View from Here. (United Kingdom). October 2010. (28:30-32).
  • “Happy Birthday to You.” Ohio Michigan Line Magazine. Spring 1990. (38-42).
  • “One Sadistic Muse.” Mock Turtle ‘zine. (Dayton, OH). Fall 2013. (27).
  • “Silence.” Mock Turtle ‘zine. (Dayton, OH). Fall 2010. (12) and “The Alchemy of Writing” 23 June 2011.
  • “The Lesson.” Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine Online. 28 October 2011.



Historic Warren County: An Illustrated History. San Antonio: Lammert Publishing/Historic Publishing Network, 2009.


Newspaper articles (partial list)

  • “Residents Oppose Housing Development.” Dayton Daily News. 21 July 2005.
  • “The Changing Face of Homelessness in Warren County.” Western Star. 6 May 2005.
  • “Training Hardly Kid Stuff.” Dayton Daily News. 24 March 2005.
  • “Wayne School Finances Put Paper in the Past.” Dayton Daily News. 24 February 2005.
  • “Waynesville Council to Review Charter Amendments.” Western Star. 4 August 2005.


Metapsychology online reviews:

“Youth Violence: People Who Care Can Make a Difference.” The Community Partnership: Toledo, OH, 2002.



  • Cultures Without Borders: From Beirut to Washington, D.C., May Rihani. AuthorHouse, 2014.
  • The Enduring Legacy of Kahlil Gibran. Ed. Suheil Bushrui and James Malarkey. University of Maryland: George and Lisa Zakhem Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace, 2013.
  • The Essential Rihani. Ed. Suheil Bushrui and May Rihani.University of Maryland: George and Lisa Zakhem Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace, 2014.
  • Memoir (private, self-published, 2010)
  • Young adult novel (private, self-published, 2013)


“The First Arab Novel in English: The Book of Khalid.” Suheil Bushrui. ODISEA Journal of English Studies. Almeria, Spain: Universidad de Almeria, 2014.

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