Platform-building (A guest post from David B. Coe)

Platform-building is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, and it’s become even more of an issue as the launch date for FORTY & OUT approaches.

“There is a tremendous amount of content being generated each day on the web. Blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. All of it matters to someone, but taken together it is all so much noise.”

How do you filter through all that noise? And do you write first, or does the all-powerful platform take priority?

Rebecca Kuder

David B. Coe shares some wise words... In which David B. Coe shares some wise words…

[For this post, I’m pleased to welcome the writer David B. Coe as my first guest  blogger. David is among my favorite colleagues at the Antioch University Midwest Individualized MA program, where he works with graduate creative writing students.  He’s a wonderful guide; I always learn something when I witness his interactions with our students.  As part of  his blog tour for the forthcoming A Plunder of Souls, he graciously agreed to write a post about something that new (and maybe most) writers feel pressure to do: build a platform.  Here, David reflects on the oft-heard edict “Thou shalt build a platform!” from his perspective. —Rebecca Kuder]

David B. Coe:

This post grows out of an online conversation I’ve had with a student I’m mentoring. She is earnest, hard-working, and talented, a combination that bodes well for her ultimate success as a professional writer. I fully expect that she will…

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