An auspicious countdown begins

Six weeks and counting! In just six short weeks (forty-two days…life, the universe, and everything – look it up!), I’ll be arriving at the fantastic writers’ conference known as Killer Nashville. Not only do I look forward to meeting Clay Stafford and all the wonderful KN family, but the Deadly Duo (Bill and Sharon Hopkins) from Deadly Writes Publishing will be on hand with preview copies of my debut novel, FORTY & OUT. How cool is that?

Here’s a glimpse of what Jadz is up against:

“Open the Grand Prix.” Jadz dug through the trunk of the unmarked unit for a Slim-Jim lock pick.

“We do not have a warrant,” Rena said, blocking her path to the vehicle.

Jadz stood her ground. “We have a missing person under suspicious circumstances, and a serial killer on the loose. I’m willing to take a chance on getting any evidence thrown out. Are you willing to chance another death?”

Their eyes locked. “Please,” Jadz said.

Rena stepped aside.

If you’re as excited – and impatient! – as I am, pre-order your copy now so you can meet Jadz and company as soon as they hit the streets. Even better, leave a comment below and I’ll select one random reader to receive a signed ARC as soon as they arrive. If you’re interested in reviewing FORTY & OUT, let me know and I’ll be sure you get an ARC, too.

Front Cover - Forty & Out

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