Pausing to savor the moment…

Front Cover - Forty & OutFORTY & OUT is officially a published novel! Nine days and counting now to the big release at Killer Nashville August 21-24, and I have to keep reminding myself to stop all the frenetic busy-ness and savor the moment. I’ve worked so hard for this, it would be a shame to miss the fun as reality (and terror!) strikes.

I’m over-the-moon thrilled with the reception thus far. Besides the surreal moment of seeing my work listed on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, my Goodreads giveaway netted 683 entries – wow!

In addition to the awesome Sharon Short’s pre-publication blurb on my novel:

“Pauwels deftly seasons this delicious concoction with an insightful inspection of what it takes to be a female professional in what is (still) a man’s world of law enforcement as well as the rarely explored Midwest setting of Toledo, Ohio. (Her) clear, smart voice delivers an edge-of-your-seat narrative sure to entertain and satisfy readers, leaving them eager for the next Pauwels’ novel.”

…the initial reviews have been amazing and humbling:

“This is very good storytelling and leaves enough questions for a sequel. What happens to Rena and Jadz next? Please, Ms. Pauwels, do continue your story.” ~ Marilyn E. Slagel – Amazon, Goodreads

“This story, however, is not just another murder mystery. It goes deeper. Much deeper. Forty & Out does not dish out a run-of-the-mill ending.” ~ Donna J. Essner – Amazon

“Three-quarters of the way through I wrote my guesses [as to] the murderer. 100% wrong! Do that again.” ~ Judge Bill Hopkins – Deadly Writes Publishing Facebook post

Thank you all for sharing my joy – and let me know what you think of FORTY & OUT when you read it…you will read it, won’t you? 😉

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