Must. Remember.To.Breathe

What a whirlwind! Exhilarating, exciting, overwhelming, exhausting weekend at the fabulous Killer Nashville conference where I finally got to meet the Deadly Duo of Deadly Writes Publishing, Bill and Sharon Hopkins, in person, and where FORTY & OUT was so warmly received.

I made it through the Debut Novelists panel (in fine company with Lisa Alber (KILLMOON), David Burnsworth (SOUTHERN HEAT), Jessie Bishop Powell (MARRIAGE AT THE RUE MORGUE), Tierney James (AN UNLIKELY HERO), and Editor Sarah Williams standing in for R.M. Cartmel (THE RICHEBOURG AFFAIR), moderated by Nancy Sartor (BONES ALONG THE HILL)) without embarrassing myself too much.

So many lovely folks to meet and share writing adventures with – too many to name here, but I’ll be busy for days sorting business cards and updating all my social media feeds so I don’t lose contact with any of them.

I came home to a generous blog post touting FORTY & OUT by the wonderful Patricia Gligor (with a giveaway – click on over and comment to enter), and a humbling interview by the always-gracious Sharon Short in the “Literary Life” column of Sunday’s Dayton Daily News. How great is that?!

And as much as I’m itching to dive into the next Jadz novel (yes, there’s one in the works!), classes started today, too, so I have fifty college freshmen demanding my attention for a bit. The frustration reminded me of a blog post I wrote several years ago: “I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the keys all day!”

How do you balance the demands of life and writing?

5 responses to “Must. Remember.To.Breathe”

  1. Greetings new friend! (I’ll probably hit your spam queue for saying that). I miss a school on a semester system! We go year round, and Troy (where my husband teaches) goes back in early August. My juggling system revolves around a dedicated spouse who supports me far more than I deserve!


    1. Year-round would almost be better, because I wouldn’t have that 6-8 weeks with no pay at the end of summer, but the time off is nice.

      So glad we connected in Nashville! And aren’t we the lucky ones to have spouses who keep us going?


  2. I love that, “I don’t want to work; I just want to bang on the keys all day.” LOL Thanks for sharing. 😀


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Great to meet you at Killer Nashville.


  3. […] I signed with Deadly Writes Publishing in March 2014. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe the Debut Book Panel in Nashville, but what I remember most are the friendly faces of folks who became fast friends in […]


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