Lovin’ my literary community

Just when I finally started to come down after the exhilaration that was book preview time at Killer Nashville, and after a lovely downtime weekend with Hubby including our annual trip to the opening weekend of the Ohio Renaissance Festival, I woke up this morning to FORTY & OUT sharing ‘net space with the glamorous and talented ladies of Jungle Red Writers!

Jungle Reds
Yes, I knew it was coming, but the reality is – wow! – so much better.

I hope you’ll drop by Jungle Red – not just today, although there is a FORTY & OUT giveaway on the line – because these women know the writing world inside and out, and they are generous with their time in sharing that knowledge.

And in sharing their space with newbies like me. Thank you, ladies, and special thanks to Hallie Ephron for offering her time to interview me and post this fantastic result!

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