90K words and waffling…

I'd credit the artist on this, but I can't find a name!
I wish I could credit the artist on this, but I can’t find a name!

Good thing the writing mavens were right when they said first drafts are sh.. crap. I’ve been chugging along on first a hard-copy read-through of my follow-up to FORTY & OUT (working title: My Brother, My Friend), using up lots of red ink (it’s what I do – ask my students!) but feeling reasonably confident about my progress, until…

Four days into my on-screen edits (when I transfer my notes and tweak even further), I fell head-first into a huge plot hole.


Plugging said hole will require lots of timeline shuffling, a few new scenes – maybe even a whole chapter – and not a little self-flagellation. Who am I to think I can write a novel?!

Bill & Sharon Hopkins
Bill & Sharon Hopkins

FORTY & OUT had to be a fluke, or the Deadly Duo simply took pity on me when Deadly Writes Publishing signed me.

I know, I know – none of that is true. Bill and Sharon have better taste than that (right, guys?).

But such is the convoluted nature of a writer’s mind.

As for the revisions, maybe if I take this character and make her do something like this before this other thing happens…

2 responses to “90K words and waffling…”

  1. Forty & Out is GREAT, and the follow up will be wonderful. I have faith.


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