#TBT – What happens in Vegas is not always by chance

A friend’s recent Facebook post asking for suggestions of where to stay/what to do in Las TellerVegas reminded me of this shot.

Six years ago, Hubby and I spent four days in Sin City to celebrate his 50th birthday. I surprised him with tickets to Penn & Teller’s show (new to the city at that time). They put on a great performance, as expected, and Hubby was delighted with the gift.

However, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that when he was called up on stage to participate in one of their acts, I was naïve enough to believe is was simply a lucky happenchance. On later reflection, I realized that when I purchase the tickets online, they asked specifically if we were celebrating any special occasion.

Duh! I’d been a victim of phishing (sort of), but in a delightfully memorable sense.

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