OAT: Worlds collide on opposite sides of the snake fence

FGC Quaker Books describes this engaging book thusly:Snake Fence

The tale of a Quaker farm boy caught up in the adventures and politics of Colonial Pennsylvania during the French and Indian Wars. Noble Butler struggles to find his own identity and establish his own principles amid the competing problems of natives, settlers, and the pacifist Quaker founders of Pennsylvania. Written for middle school readers, this story is based on careful historical research with sympathetic treatments of all sides in the unfolding struggles.

While I tend to shy away from MG/YA novels (experienced more than enough adolescent drama of my own, thank you very much), Janet Kastner Olshewsky’s THE SNAKE FENCE earns a place in my Other Author Thursday for two reasons:

Her topic – peaceful Quaker ideals at odds with an increasingly polarized and violent world – struck a chord with me as a caring society crumbles all around us. Her MC Noble Butler struggles with universal issues that span generations, not with the teenage-driven angst I see in so many YA offerings (please, save trashing my admittedly minority YA opinion for another day – this is about Janet!).

Two worthy causes – I’m able to support a new author who is a friend of a dear friend while also supporting the preservation work of the Museum at the Friends Home, 115 South Fourth Street in Waynesville, Ohio, where Janet will read as a fundraiser at 1 p.m. on Monday, July 27, 2015.

Hope to see you there!

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