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It would be far too easy to let writerly competitiveness and an ugly green-eyed monster interfere with celebrating author Rebecca Morean’s successful year. Fortunately, Becky is such a gracious, caring, and giving person that those of us honored to know her and to work with her through the Antioch Writers’ Workshop are first in line to pop the champagne corks for her:

September 2015: a romantic comedy, WE’VE GOT THIS, released by Escape Publishing

A Cinderella story about mothers and movie stars, mud boots and Manolo Blahniks, and dreams that do come true

Azimuths-Hardcover-front-coverDecember 2015: a literary novel, AZIMUTHS, under R.A. Morean, published by Avignon Press  (Local folks: Becky will be signing copies at Books & Co. at The Greene on Thursday, December 10, 7 p.m.)

“R. A. Morean’s Azimuths features five women who live in a trailer park on the edge of the Mojave Desert, where there are no seasons. The possibility of change, though, is something this unforgettable cast of characters longs for and fears. The writing is spot on—lyrical and full of grit exactly when it needs to be. This is a novel that will stay with you long after the final page.”

~ Lee Martin, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize

And coming in 2016:

DEATH AT THE ROUNDHOUSE, the second in a mystery series that debuted 21 years ago with St. Martin’s Press under Abbey Pen Baker

BEING GOD (and other unfortunate avocations), a second literary novel

A romantic comedy to be named later

How does she do it?! For a hint, see the wonderful profile of her work from a recent Dayton Daily News interview that details her journey; her words give all of us writers hope on several levels:

“I started [AZIMUTHS] 20 years ago after my first novel [IN THE DEAD OF WINTER] was published, and then put it aside for a long time.”

And as for the publishing world’s insistence on sticking to one type of writing in order to build that awful “brand” notion:

“I like to read a wide variety of material, so why wouldn’t I want to write a wide variety?”

Go, Becky!

As you can see by her year-end round-up, whatever your taste in fiction, Becky may well have it covered. Check her out – and pass the champagne.

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