On “the Terrible Efficiency of Gaslighting”

This, and so much more:

“In order to be taken seriously as a writer, I buy into the (false) notion that I have to write serious things.”

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e.v. de cleyre e.v. de cleyre

By e.v. de cleyre

On Saturdays, my mother brought me to the fabric store where she worked and taught me to measure yards. At home, the sewing machine whirred us to sleep, as my mother stole moments of creativity for herself. Slivers and scraps of fabric became something else entirely when stitched together—somehow more whole. As the work grew, stretching across the dining room table, we ate in the kitchen, displaced by quilts. Batting done, borders hand-sewn, the quilts disappeared, re-appearing with blue ribbon awards at the local quilt fair.

My mother stopped quilting after the divorce. She resigned from her position as a teacher and sales associate at the local fabric store, and returned to nursing. The connection was not made explicit, but as a child I inferred that creative pursuits were a luxury, not a livelihood; a hobby, not a career. Toiling at a fabric store…

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4 responses to “On “the Terrible Efficiency of Gaslighting””

  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I always try to share important writing thoughts – thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Thank you so much for re-posting this!


    1. Thank you for writing it! Beautifully said, and worthy of being shared.

      Also nice to know others share my struggles. Onward!


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