As I begin collecting material for a fall class on memoir writing, where else would I begin but Brevity? And this:

“We just have to read our lives more slowly.”

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Dave FrancoDave Franco is absolutely relevant to this post

A guest post from Ronald Anahaw:

Like a chef with one recipe, I always ended up using the same ingredients to write memoir: pow, a splash of humor, bang, male friends more like brothers, zap, love interest. Order up, one awkward but boyishly charming essay coming your way. And yes, I do make those sounds when I write.

But like ordering the same dish each time, writing about the same stuff gets boring. It gets old. (Unless it’s Bon Chon’s Korean fried chicken, in which case, bring it on.)

Trauma, joy, papercuts, dinners for one—we write what we know. I’m eighteen. So I still don’t know a lot. I’ve noticed I write about the same friends and events every time I write nonfiction, and my well of inspiration seems about 2 inches deep and filled with a lot of…

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