#p2p16 – By the Numbers!

This is what I’ve been up to during spring break (well, that and editing the NEXT novel, and grading papers…not seeing much “break” in my spring), and JD Burns’ breakdown is fascinating!

A writing spot for JD Burns

Hi there,

The #p2p16 (Pitch to Publication 2016) contest submission started up this past weekend and it’s already been a lot of fun. The submission window was open for two days only (Saturday and Sunday). Writers submitted their completed manuscript to a panel of 15 editors with the hopes that one of those editors would take them on for a month of free mentoring. The editor’s selections will be coming out in a few days on March 12th.

In between the time when the submission window closes and the editor pairings are announced, there is a flurry of twitter activity. Many of the editors will tweet teasers about the entries they are reading and if they are going to “pass” or “request” more material. The teases are intentionally vague so the contestants can’t tell which entry the tweet refers to. As you can imagine this is like a…

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