To all the books not written

…pondering my involvement in same:

“Does not having written a book perhaps suffice, in itself, to distinguish a [wo]man? Despite their ultimate vanity, might [her] arduous labors make [her] a hero? The mythological heroes…Sisyphus, Penelope, Tantalus, the Danaides – are, after all heroic precisely by virtue of the fact that they labor uselessly, they wait, they yearn, they are beset, and they bear their torment nobly.”

~ Warren Motte, in the preface to David Kornacker’s translation of Marcel Bénabou’s Why I Have Not Written Any of My Books

And in Bénabou’s “First Page” of the same non-book, he quotes Jorge Luis Borges:

What tiresome and laborious folly it is to write lengthy tomes, to expound in five hundred pages on an idea that one could easily propound orally in a few minutes [Twitter?!]. Better is pretending that the books exist already and offering a summary or commentary.

Keep pushing that boulder up the hill…


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