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More truth here than I’d like to admit, but it’s a new month. Things can change, right? Right?!

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

By Julie Vick

zz julie bio pic crop.jpg Julie Vick

Number of times you checked your Submittable page today: 25
Number of changes in status to your Submittable page today:…
Days since there was any change to your Submittable page: 37
Number of visitors to your writing portfolio website this week: 2
Percentage chance that both visitors were searching for someone else who has your same name: 50%
Percentage chance that one of those visitors was your mom: 70%
Number of tabs opened on your computer today: 124
Average time spent on each tab opened: 23 seconds
Number of tabs you have open right now: 13
Percentage chance that you opened another tab midway through reading this list: 50%
Number of times one of your essays was rejected before it was accepted: 29
Number of times that essay was revised: 17
Portion of days last week you thought the piece you are working on was…

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