Kindred Spirits: In Praise of Online Classes

As happens so often, Brevity dropped into my feed with just what I needed to hear as I put the finishing (?!) touches on my online class for fall. I’ve found this community in my own writing tribe – virtual or in person – and I hope I’m able to provide that space for my students as well.

Does online sharing work for you?

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

A guest post by Ann V. Klotz

ann_glasses Ann V. Klotz

By late afternoon, I get a little itchy to get to a computer.  I’m waiting for the “Recent Canvas Notifications” to appear in my inbox, with comments from my Creative Nonfiction Online Class on “Summary and Scene.” The sense of anticipation reminds me of a cross between Christmas and my birthday, though we are now in the middle of summer and both of those holidays occur in December.  I want to get away from everyone and see what my group has to say about what I posted the day before. Walking up the hill from the lake, I muse about how addictive and satisfying this process is—write, get feedback, revise, post again, get more feedback.  I’m in crush!

This online community exerts a powerful, private hold on me.  I don’t know any of the people personally, but I know whose…

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