My Writing Religion: Some Thoughts as 2016 Ends

Borrowing /sharing the wise words of a writer colleague as I stumble through my own writing “crisis of faith.”

How do you move forward when it all seems so pointless?


img_6452By Lisa Alber

Last week I happened to be listening to NPR as I drove my car back from Handy Andy’s, my neighborhood repair shop, when I realized something about myself. As one does, right? In the midst of the every day, in this case as I grumbled about the gift of a split radiator during the most expensive month of the year. The week before, copious amounts of white smoke had billowed out from under the hood right before an unusual snow fall for Portland, Oregon. I managed to get the car towed back to my house, and then I was stuck for nearly a week. Have you seen the horror movie “Cabin Fever?” Yeah, just about it.

Anyhow, so maybe it was having freedom at last, mixed with grumbliness, that readied my brain for a little epiphany. This has been a rough year on so many levels — many…

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4 responses to “My Writing Religion: Some Thoughts as 2016 Ends”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I tried to answer you question back in the comments section of my blog. It’s a toughy — how to keep moving forward.


    1. Forward indeed – thanks!


  2. Moving forward is always a faith declaration…here I am, here I go…watch me flop or fly! Either way, I’meant not standing still…but it’seems easier if we hold hands;)


    1. A journey is always easier when shared – thanks for holding my hand!


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