Parallel journeys: writing and politics

As an introverted (if opinionated) writer, I have never imagined myself taking the bizarre leap I was offered Voting stickerthis week. Of course, I said that about teaching, too, and I’ve been doing that for seven years now.

But this is different: I took out petitions to run for political office. And not just local school board or something really close to home, but a county-wide seat.

Me? In politics?! Good grief.

Never fear! Writing remains my outlet and my passion.  My political campaign (Yikes! That sounds odd) isn’t taking over this site/blog (if you’re really curious about that side of the story, I’ll have a Facebook page up soon, and I’ll share the link here). The funny thing is, the more I delve into the life of a candidate, the more I realize how my years as a struggling author have been preparing me for this new journey as well.

Those uncanny parallels – and the anticipated bumps and giggles along the way – will be the focus of my blogs from now until the November election (and for that I have to get through the May primary first):

  • Years developing my craft, slaving away under the radar
    • A curriculum vitae that would fill a small chapbook if it included every job and skill set I’ve had over the years
  • Being plucked from obscurity by a an agent/editor/publisher, possibly after a chance encounter
    • An unsolicited email from a well-established party regular, pointing me to an open seat that I’m well qualified for
  • Attending book fairs, trying to catch the eye of passersby, hoping to sell a book or two
    • Manning a table with a stack of petitions, soliciting signatures from anyone who comes near (although it’s odd to have those who stop to talk do the signing, instead of me!)
  • Facing rejection, after rejection…before the big break
    • ’nuf said

And before I’m taken to task by well-meaning fellow writers about brining political commentary into my writing life, I’ve dealt with that topic before here and won’t repeat the details other than to say: if you don’t like my politics/life philosophy/opinions, you probably wouldn’t like my books anyway. You have lots of other choices; enjoy!

5 responses to “Parallel journeys: writing and politics”

  1. Way to step up, Cyndi! We writing friends have your back…:)


    1. Thanks so much, Jan! I’ll need you all to help keep me sane.


  2. “if you don’t like my politics/life philosophy/opinions, you probably wouldn’t like my books anyway. You have lots of other choices”

    Absolutely. I believe writers are here, among other things, to engage with the world in the ways they feel matter. Best of luck with your campaign. I hope you win.


    1. Thanks so much for understanding! And I’m trying hard to look at the journey, not the destination. 😉


  3. […] one year ago (February 5, 2018, to be exact), I began blogging about the “Parallel Journey” I found myself on and musing on the similarities between the writing life and the political. That […]


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