I just spent the last half-hour shredding an innocent stack of receipts and papers ratherAdams - Deadlines than finish doing our taxes. Yes, I know it’s April; don’t judge!

Our house is never cleaner than when I have a stack of papers waiting to be graded.

And I’m beginning to wonder if this political campaign isn’t a ploy to avoid working on the edit revision rewrite starting-over-almost-from-scratch mess-of-a-draft of the next Jadz novel. Although I am writing this blog rather than the candidate bio for the League of Women Voters and the parade committee introduction for the Bellbrook Sugar Maple Festival and….


Deadlines, as Douglas Adams said: “I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

Yet I rarely miss a deadline. Frantically plow through a project at the last minute in order to be done in time, maybe (okay, usually), but actually be late? Not often.

Just imagine how much lower my stress levels would be if I stopped avoiding those due dates.

Or the unpleasant tasks.

Or the taxes.

What? You thought I was done procrastinating for today? Ha! Have you seen my to-do list?!

4 responses to “Whoosh!”

  1. Great quote by Adams…:) Ah, the hoops we navigate to avoid the hard work, which we do get to…eventually.


  2. Doug Adams won the heart of every writer with that quote. It has pride of place as a magnet on our fridge. I hit upon an idea several years back that has been enormously helpful. I keep a list of things I really don’t want to do but have to (writing is NEVER on that list). I then tackle one thing each day. Or if it’s something like taxes, I spread it out over, say, three days. The trick is to spend no more than one hour max a day on things I really despise doing. Obviously, you can order these little stinker tasks by due dates. It’s made my life happier.

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  3. Deadlines are my worst enemy, and they are also probably the reason I ever finish anything.

    Good luck with teaching amd campaigning!


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