Thank You Candidates!

This helps – and countless other selfless supporters and great community members – make the exhausting journey of the last night months worthwhile.

Pizza Dive

I am overwhelmed and tearing up as I type this. Last night was just so inspiring and reassuring and lovely and downright fun.

It was Thank the Candidates Night at our All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Six candidates for office in Greene County showed up to serve pizza and meet their neighbors. Six. At our little pizza store. Six.

Thank you to Ohio District 73 Representative Rick Perales, Greene County Treasurer and Candidate for Commissioner Dick Gould, CPA, Greene County Clerk of Courts AJ Williams, Candidate for Greene County Commissioner Susan Lopez, Candidate for Clerk of Courts Cyndi Pauwels, and Candidate for Ohio District 73 Representative Kim McCarthy.

It’s not lost on me that we’re a very small pizza store and that six busy, and I suspect exhausted, candidates for office signed on to serve pizza on their last night before election day. My gratitude simply…

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