Light and refreshing, with a bit of a kick

Thursday night last was like a fine sorbet, cleansing the palate of my life. Not only was I honored to share in the launch of a dear friend’s “debut” novel (The Widows, written

widows swag
“The Widows” – historical mystery from Minotaur Books

under pen name Jess Montgomery – find a copy now!), but I returned to my tribe. And they welcomed me with open arms.

I’ve missed them.

I reconnected with writing partners and beta readers, a bookstore owner, a library events planner, and so many other warm and encouraging people.

Nary a political discussion in sight, and after being adrift from the literary community for most of the past year (details here, if you’ve missed that journey), it was balm to my battered soul.

We talked art and music and creativity. We shared literary inspired cocktails (“Knockem Stiff Leather” and “Ross County Lace” – yum! Thank you, Century Bar) and were serenaded by a barbershop quartet.

Such bliss!

My calendar now holds the promise of book discussions and tea klatches and writing dates instead of strategy sessions and public forums and fundraising.

I’d call that a kick in the write right direction.

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