Not always what they seem

Laura - Eva GreenPart two (see Part one here) of casting for Burned Bridges brings us to the villain – or is she? The estranged (or not!) sister of victim Reggie is a force, and an enigma, who keeps PI Nate on his toes.

Poised, confident, high-maintenance: I picture sister Laura as Eva Green in this picture – more-than-a-Bond-girl, but equally dangerous.

Much of the story is propelled by the victim’s mother. She recruits Nate to find who killed Helen - Angela Lansburgy aka Jessica FletcherReggie, and pushes Nate on when he runs into obstacles. I named this forceful woman after my grandmother, Helen Skiles, with whom she shares a stubbornness to be reckoned with.

Visually, my character brings to mind Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher. While she doesn’t look much like Nana, it’s the image I have of my version of Helen.

My final character casting for Burned Bridges is a shadowy figure I’ve named George “Georgie P” Panagakos. (Yes, those of you who know me can share a chuckle!) He’s a big fish in the small pond that is Toledo, Ohio, and both Jadz and Nate tread carefully in dealing with him.

Georgie P - Prof Suheil BushruiFor appearance (and voice) for Georgie P, I’ve left Hollywood behind and gone with a courtly gentleman I was honored to work with on several editing projects, Professor Suheil Bushrui. He always encouraged my personal writing projects as well – even had his grandson read Forty & Out aloud to him after eye surgery – and sadly left us far too soon. He was a man of dignity and integrity, traits that my Georgie P emulates in very different, somewhat questionable, ways.

Forty and OutBurned Bridges cover - web smNow that Forty & Out and Burned Bridges are out in the world so readers can put their own faces to my characters, I’m mired in revisions/rewrites for #3 in the Jadz series, Unwelcome Ties. Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Not always what they seem”

  1. I look forward to the casting call for the third Jadz book! 😉


    1. That’s my next challenge…after I finish writing it, of course. 😉


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